Ada East records 2,805 malaria cases from January to December


A total of 2,805 malaria cases has been recorded in the Ada East District from January to December, Mr Prince Bawuah, District Diseases Control Officer has stated.

He said there has been a slight decrease in the recorded cases against 2,973 in 2020, stressing that 584 cases were recorded among children under the age of five in 2020 while 608 cases were recorded this year, adding that no death had been recorded so far.

Mr Bawuah in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Ada attributed the possible causes of malaria in the district to the increasing breeding sites for the female Anopheles mosquitos as a result of the collection of water in pits at sites for mining salt and sand winning.

The Ada East Pest and Disease Control Office added that the indiscriminate disposal of refuse also created an avenue for the collection of water which aided the breeding of mosquitoes.

He mentioned that children were left to roam outside at night without appropriate clothing for the prevention of mosquito bites and bemoaned the low usage of Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLINs) despite their availability.

He said the major challenges were how some people reacted to heat saying that some individuals reacted to the insecticide used and the large family sizes do not support the use of the standard-sized LLINs provided.

Mr Bawuah explained that the district had been enrolled in research to help to understand the nature of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes adding that the project goes a long way to help develop effective repellents and mosquito sprays for use as well as knowing other methods to deal with these mosquitoes.

He said the Directorate was advancing Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) to increase the safety of pregnant women from malaria infection and its associated complications.

He advised parents to cover their children in clothes before moving outdoors in the evening to prevent mosquito bites adding that the public must endeavour to use the LLINs since the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences one may encounter.

He said the people of Ada East District and all over the region have been registered to benefit from the 2021 Point Mass Distribution of LLINs and urged the residents to redeem their nets from December 8 to 14th.

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