Arnold Appiah: Time to ask questions – Akufo-Addo has failed; Ghanaians deserve better


It is closely a year into the second term of the Akufo-Addo nepotistic misgovernance and the results are glaring in our

Ghanaians were fed with the hope that senior high school education would be free, there would be improved
health care at the district level, the government would be building a factory in every district; farmers would see increased yields from the irrigation dams in every district.

The state would cut corporate taxes; and we have also witnessed how the work of the special ‘anti-corruption’ prosecutor turned out. It is not the job for anybody to give the verifiable ‘economic figures’ to show the success of this con-game.

The NPP government does not have the technical and managerial know-how to create employment. All their attempted and failed policies have shown a group of lazy minds who have capitalized on a populist agenda to enrich themselves with state resources at the expense of the people of Ghana and most importantly the youth.

There is no sign of commitment from the Nana Addo government to engage the private sector in long-term pragmatic programs to transform the economy through a revamp of our educational system, transportation, natural resources, technology and the overall human capital for sustainable development and a prosperous nation.

We also need a government that will transform the public sector to meet the growing demands of tomorrow. There’s absolutely no sign or indication that breathe any energy of a new era of progress to the Ghanaian people.

How do we make billions of dollars annually as a nation and the country is still stuck in a colonial mentality with colonial programs? Ghana needs a leader that truly believes in the Ghanaian people and the potentials it brings to create wealth without expecting any freebies from the western world.

It is about time we look and explore from what we have and create generational wealth for our people. We cannot earn any respect from the rest of the world when we cannot feed ourselves, provide good education and promising jobs for our countrymen and women.

In the midst of the hardship is a poor threatening human rights record, the NPP government has shown that you can only have a right when it is granted to you via close association to the President and not through the law that is supposed to govern all of us with no exception whatsoever.

Let us begin to ask the Nana Addo government to provide us with verifiable data of jobs created since they took over
the reins of government and reconcile it with the amount of loans and other forms of resources that have been utilized
and establish whether this government is competent, smart and a reliable administration or just a bunch of theorists and propagandists parading themselves as achievers with nothing sustainable to show for especially in the lives of the masses.

Ghanaians deserve better.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana… and help us to resist these parasites in the guise of government.

The author, Arnold Appiah is the President – NDC Proforum, North America.

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