Between Blood & Love


I live in Ho. My sister got pregnant for someone and during delivery she died. To date, I don’t know who was responsible for the pregnancy.
The girl is now 8 years now and I have been doing my best in caring for her. Since my sister’s death, no one has come for her.
I am not tired of caring for her, because God has blessed me with a lucrative business. She is in one of the best nursery Schools here in Ho here.

My problem now is that I met a guy early this year and told him everything about myself and my late sister. He said if he’s to marry me he won’t be able to accommodate the child. That he doesn’t want to marry someone who has a child, Blessing is just like my own child.

First, he complained that I buy expensive clothes for a child of 8 years that it’s inappropriate, so I stopped.
He then said I should register her in a government school instead of a private school as the school is quite expensive, I told him I will think about it after this term. He got angry and said I want to be stubborn.

My boyfriend is a nice guy and we hope to settle down together early next year, but my problem is my niece. I discussed with her headteacher about giving her up for adoption she wasn’t pleased about the idea but promised to look for someone who could just take the girl as a maid.

I am not comfortable about giving her as a maid but for people to adopt her and care for her. She can come and visit me any time. Age is no longer on my side; I will be 37 by January 2022. No one has the right to judge me on this; I can’t waste my whole life to please anybody.

Blessing is a good girl, she won’t give anyone a headache. I have tried to reason with my guy but he still sticks to his decision.

I don’t want to lose him; it wasn’t easy having someone serious as it always lasts for 2 or 3 months. I believe he is the right man for me. His family loves me and it’s a signal that our Union will be blessed. Before anyone will judge me I love my niece and will always do.

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