Broken Pen: A Safe Haven


Two years after university and my life wasn’t getting any better. No Job, pressure from my parents, and suicidal thoughts, got me involved in a new nightlife. Going to the beach late at night was my escape route to life’s wahala.

A young lady usually drove to the beach, sat meters away from me, cried for a while, sat in her car, and drove off. It turns out I wasn’t the only one on this beach therapy thing.

But one night, I just decided to talk to her and know what’s up. So I approached her and she shockingly didn’t look frightened. We both opened up about the issues that brought us to this safe haven.

Apparently her marriage of 5 years ended a couple of months back; the reason being she couldn’t conceive. We took our vibe to another level and she even started picking me up to our “breezy santuary”

Fast forward, we started having lots of wild sex, shawdy got me a job at her Dad’s company and I was living a comfortable life; way better than before. I also had a wonderful relationship with her parents.

Over the weekend I got invited to a church revival by an old friend. Just when I thought life had given me a pardon to enjoy, this prophet calls me forward and tells me to end my relationship with the lady or risk dying after her first child.
Just yesterday the lady came to my house super excited, only to tell me she is pregnant.

See erh I am confused. How can I fix this “Broken Pen”

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