Broken Pen: A stick in the back


My fiancé and I are getting married in two weeks. We have never had sex before, but just yesterday we decided to give it a try. I mean we are getting married so No Wahala.

Unfortunately, five minutes into making out, he was unable to get aroused. I tried everything possible, every move I could think of and he was still not triggered “downtown”. This left me very confused.

I looked at him and asked whether everything was okay. He looked at me and said there was something personal he wanted to share with me. “ I have always been attracted to men since I was in secondary school.” He revealed softly.

I gasped and stood up, I could not believe what I was hearing. I froze for a few seconds. But to make matters worse, he added “I know this is weird to ask, but I can only enjoy anal sex. Will you be willing to do that for me, please? How do I fix this Broken Pen?

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