ECG begins meter reading exercise in Krobo District


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has commenced a meter reading exercise in its Krobo District after restoring power to the area on Sunday.

The ECG shut down its Feeder and other installations in the area for almost two weeks, plunging the area into darkness.

Ms Sakyiwaa Mensah, Tema Regional ECG Public Relations Officer, told the Ghana News Agency that a team commissioned by the Regional Office would read an estimated 20,000 meters in the Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo municipalities.

Ms Mensah said the exercise began on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, adding that an announcement on it had duly been made to alert customers.

She added that members of the team could be identified by their identity cards and the ECG vests they would be wearing.

She urged customers in the Krobo district to co-operate with the team to ensure the success of the exercise.

The ECG Tema PRO explained that the reading of the meters was an ongoing and cyclical operational issue in ECG as far as postpaid meters were concerned.

She noted that after the reading, bills would be raised and, therefore, customers were encouraged to pay the bills.

Ms Mensah said if any customer needed a payment plan, the ECG was open to that option and urged such customers to contact the company for discussion and an agreement.

She said the Company would engage stakeholders, including community leaders and the municipal assemblies, should customers refuse to give the team access to the meters on their premises.

She remanded customers that ECG meters remained the property of ECG and it was illegal and an offence for anyone to deny ECG staff access to inspect a meter.

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