Epixode engages upcoming musicians in a music development seminar


Reigning Dancehall/Reggae Artiste of the Year, Epixode, has engaged some upcoming musicians as he seeks to guide them to thrive in the music industry.

The seminar, which is the first of its kind, saw about 50 upcoming musicians from around the country gather at the Flip Bar in Accra to discuss pertinent issues affecting their growth in the music industry.

Speaking at the seminar, Epixode who triggered a challenge for his “Odeshi” hit single for these upcoming Dancehall/Reggae artistes said he was thrilled with the level of talents on display and urged to work hard to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming top musicians.

“Everyone here has got potential looking at what I listened to with regards to the ‘Odeshi’ challenge but then how do you turn this potential into becoming an iconic figure in the Dancehall/Reggae space.

“This is why you have to focus on giving out good rhythms that can last the next decade and can keep you relevant. You should take this opportunity to network with each other and support each others music because that is the only way you can blow out there.

“I known these are tough times in your career but it should make you stronger and hopefully when you get a hit song you can carry it on from there but please don’t loose focus and believe in your capabilities,” Epixode stated.

Epixode announced that, in his bid to support these upcoming artistes, he would work with each of them on an album project as he seeks to give them the opportunity to display their lyrical vibes.

Mr.Robert Klay, Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, said upcoming artistes must develop ways of building a unique identity and originality.

He urged upcoming musicians to see music as a business and not just for entertaining purpose as it could help them earn a living considering the high rates of unemployment in the country.

He urged to part of the various structures of the music industry including Musicians Associations of Ghana (MUSIGA), Ghana Music Rights Organizations (GHAMRO), among others so as to keep abreast with happening in the industry and take advantages of opportunities available.

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