Exhibitors, Patrons at “VoltaFair2021” treated to a live snake show


Exhibitors and Patrons at the 2021 Volta Trade and Investment Fair, have been treated to varieties of live snake encounters to demystify the danger of the reptiles.

The snakes; ball python, African python, mamba, and cobras were from the Snake Village, Liati Soba in the

Afadzato South District of the Region, which form part of the exhibitions at the Volta Fair.

Mr. Safui Gado aka “Zim’aziwo”, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), that he came to the Fair to showcase and market his business.

He said he used the opportunity to educate people on the relationship between human beings and snakes.

Mr. Gado said he also taught about the behaviours of snakes and how one could handle them.

“The ones I have here have poisons in them. Snakes are harmless to human beings. All they have is poison.”

He hoped people would visit the village as well as bring other people too.

GNA observed the fears from spectators as the snakes were being raised, held, and sometimes coiled on the necks of the brave patrons, visiting the snake stand.

A patron whose first time holding a snake said it was a nice experience.

“I held the snake as a headset. I was a bit scared but I was confident because I saw a lot of people holding snakes. Everyone should try it.”

Diana Ekissi, a student, said her father held snakes and it was from him she learned bravery.

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