Family issues


I have been married for 15 years with two kids with my husband. My mother in-law has never liked me. I thought as time goes on we could get along. I tried all I can but she still never liked me. I spoke to my husband he promised to solve the problem.

Little did I know that it is my husband who has been painting me black to his mom and sister.

Hmm, I got to know the truth after he abandoned us and went to stay with his former girlfriend. I tried to talk to him and he said I should go and apologize to his mother before he will come back to us.

So I ask him what I am apologizing for because I have not had any confusion with the Mum. He said it’s their tradition for me to do that so the mum will allow him to come back. I got confused so I called my Dad and told him what was happening.

And he asked if I have offended the mum, which I said no. So my dad said I shouldn’t go and apologize. I should leave him. Apparently my husband told his mum that I called her a witch, I don’t cook for him, I don’t let him into the house he comes back from work and I make him sleep in his car.

Hmm, he even went ahead and told people that I’m a promiscuous woman. Later I heard he was selling a house we put up together in Accra. And that he doesn’t want to settle me when he files a divorce. There won’t be any thing for me and our children. I need an advice as to what to do.

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