“Find something truthful to promote yourself” – MUSIGA President to artistes


Mr. Bessa Simons, Acting President of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has urged artistes to be truthful and unique about themselves to promote their brand.

His assertion comes in the wake of the arrest of Shatta Wale who is currently being investigated by the Police over his involvement in a ‘fake’ shooting incident.

This has aroused a debate in the showbiz circles about the need for artistes to exercise decorum in the public space especially on social media where they connect directly with their fan base.

But according to Mr. Bessa who is a celebrated music icon, some artistes were copying blindly by churning out controversial or fake news adding that it doesn’t keep artistes relevant.

“Some of our artistes are copying blindly and they think by putting out some controversial news, it will keep them relevant all the time. As a celebrity, young people look up to you so any negative behaviour could have an impact on their lives.

“Too much bad publicity is not good for the industry itself. Artistes should find something truthful or unique about themselves to communicate with their audiences. Telling lies would not help them excel.

“Fans already know the capabilities of their favourite artistes, so falsifying something about yourself undermines your credibility,” he told Ghana News Agency in an interview.

Mr. Bessa also added that the negatives about the industry do not propel its growth with investors feeling reluctant to invest their monies.

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