Finding true Love


I was having lunch at a restaurant my late wife used to eat from to mark her 1st anniversary after her death. I couldn’t go with the children because they were with my parents. It was a Saturday. I was eating when I heard shouts, a cry, and cheering. The shout was from 2 kids. The cheering was from my new wife’s friend.

My wife was the one crying. Three things had happened to her that week. She had graduated with a Master’s degree, she also added another year to her age, and her divorce had been granted by the law court.

From where I was sitting, I could hear the happy birthday cheers. She was 34 and I found it nice, looking at all of them happy. Her friend stood on a chair to make a public announcement.

She told everyone at the restaurant that it was her friend’s birthday and that she wanted to do something nice for her. She said if anyone was touched to celebrate her day with her, we should send our presents to her as a Momo token.
She mentioned her friend’s mobile number 5 times and I transferred 1500.

I saw her check the notification and suddenly she was screaming, jumping, and crying. Her friend took her phone to see what was on it and she also started to shout and jump. They mentioned my name publicly to identify me but I didn’t want to be known.

She wouldn’t stop calling my name. Then my wife pointed at me. She searched my name on Facebook, saw my profile picture, and searched the room for me. Her children run to hug me. My wife came to thank me.
She invited me to join their table. And that was how I met my wife.

I have to be honest because I couldn’t stop looking at her. I got to know at the table that the last money on them was 300 cedis they had come to celebrate her with. I dropped them later in the evening at their house and I didn’t want to leave. I told my mother and children about my day and they wanted me to invite them for dinner the following day.

My mother brought my children and cooked dinner. She liked my wife from word go. My children played with hers and it was a memorable time together. We kept spending time together many times and I didn’t realize when I fell in love with her. It was my son who asked when I would marry her so they can all be under one roof.

This was 3 or 4 months after we had met. I started thinking of her as my wife and I wasn’t having that uneasiness with her in mind. The thought of her being my wife just felt right. It was also her relationship with her children and mine.

Her relationship with her friend told me about her ability to commit. She loved her parents and siblings. I met them a couple of times and the love she shared with her family, we all know how hard it is to sometimes love our family members but she just loved hers effortlessly.

She wasn’t afraid to show it off. I knew she would be a good spouse. I loved the way she laughed, a lot with me when we were together. I forgot all my troubles because she smiles at me at the right times. I married a woman who is quick to make me and the children laugh at ourselves or even the problems around us.

It is very important for a happy marriage, laughter, and humor. Even though I have a good-paying job, my wife knows how to make me want to be a better man in my career. We have been married for 5 years and I have become a lot better than I was before. She had inspired me to grow and overcome my weaknesses.

I love women and you can imagine but I have been with and loved only her intimately since we met. Being with her makes me a better vision of myself. I think every woman should know that we men are always looking for more. Sometimes we don’t even know the type of more we want to be satisfied with.

But we want more, a woman who can challenge and inspire us. If your guy fears or is intimidated by you being challenging, then he is not meant for you. My wife is not afraid to let me see what she is made of.

I am proud to say I have come to see her wisdom, good intentions, and strength. It has been my opportunity to grow and be better. A good woman is hard to find. A good woman is the one who has your best interest at heart whether you see it or not.

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