Ghana Immigration Service intercepts 1,490 parcels of suspected weed


The Nyive Sector Command of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), has intercepted 1,490 parcels of suspected Indian hemp in the Atikpui community in the Nyive border enclave.

The parcels, packaged in 19 sacks had 14 sacks containing 80 parcels each, a sack containing 65 parcels, two sacks containing 82 parcels each, one sack with 71 parcels, and one with 70 parcels.

The compressed square-shaped parcels had inscriptions such as “3”, “BX”, “Boss”, and “5” on them.

Chief Superintendent Abdulai Zakaria, Nyive Sector Command of the Service, said the sacks were intercepted at about 0000 hours of Sunday, November 28, based on surveillance and monitoring that they did.

He said they moved swiftly to the spot, which made them intercept the “gargantuan” parcels.

Chief Superintendent Abdulai said as they picked the goods and were about to leave the community, some folks of the community began to advance towards them, which led them to discharge warning shots to disperse them.

He explained that when the officers got to the spot, the goods were waiting to be transported, adding that, the suspects took to their heels to neighbouring Togo when they sensed the presence of the officers.

Chief Superintendent Abdulai said it was suspected that an unregistered “Royal” branded motorbike found at the spot was used to escort the goods.

He said it was the second time a consignment of the sort was intercepted within the Command and warned that people engaged in such illicit business would be followed wherever they went.

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