Government to undertake prospecting of minerals in Volta and Oti


Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, Lands and Natural Resources Minister, has revealed plans to map the Volta and Oti Regions for the prospecting of mineral resources.

He said the two Regions were known to hold minerals of various kinds, and that deeper geological prospect was required to aid efficient exploration.

The Minister, who was ending his tour in the Volta and Oti Regions, was speaking during a courtesy call on the Volta Region House of Chiefs.
He said effective collaboration with traditional leaders was required and mentioned the possibility of striking gold among other precious metals in the area.

“I am taking the view that we need to invest more in prospecting whether or not there are gold reserves”.
He said there was a high possibility as the perception that gold was only found in the southern belt of the country, had been defeated by the discovery of commercial quantities in the north.

The Minster and his team, while in the Oti Region, made a stop at Akokrowa, a community near Asukawkaw, where the Geological Survey Department has confirmed vast deposits of iron ore.

Mr. Jinapor gave the assurance there that the newfound resource would benefit the people, as the government focused on value for money under Ghana integrated Iron and Steel Development initiative.

The Minister used the tour to rally chiefs of the two Regions to support Government’s efforts at protecting the nation’s natural resources, which he noted, remains a challenge throughout the country.

“We have a big issue on our hands in this country, which is how we manage the lands and natural resources of this country. As we are very familiar with, across this country, matters to do with this sector are facing a lot of challenges.

“We are familiar with the issues of galamsey, we are familiar with issues of illegal logging of our forest reserves, and deforestation. We know about sand winning,” he said.

Mr. Jinapor also mentioned the persistence litigation pertaining to lands in the Volta Region in particularly, and which he said affected the development of forest and other nature reserves.

The Minister had called on Regional Ministers of Volta and Oti, and met with the various regional security councils, over issues including the illegal exploitation of natural resources and boundary disputes.

He also met with staff of the Minerals Commission, Lands Commission, and the Forestry Services Division, among institutions of the Ministry, and inspected climate conservation projects in the two Regions.

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