Huawei “Seeds for the Future” trains more than 600 students


Huawei has in 2021 trained more than 600 students through the “Seeds for the Future” programme in 14 sub-Saharan countries.

The training covered emerging ICT technologies that helped the beneficiaries to be ready for the digital economy era.

These technologies are 5G, cloud computing, and AI.

According to the Mobile Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa 2020 Report released by the Global Association for Mobile Telecommunications Systems, Sub-Saharan Africa was the fastest growing region in the world.

Also, African countries have entered a rapid development of the digital economy era. 

A statement issued in Accra by Huawei Technologies said information and communication technologies were important engines that drove countries development, and mastering them was key.

It said through programmes such as Seeds for the Future, Huawei cultivated ICT knowledge and skills for local youth.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme took place through online learning, and in person, where possible, it said. 

“Students are offered the flexibility to access several ICT courses online at their own pace, they are invited to participate in science and technology roundtables, and interact with youth around the world in real time,” the statement said. 

Through 5G live broadcasts, students were able to join guided tours of Huawei exhibition halls and historic cultural sites in China. 

Under the guidance of professional mentors from the Huawei’s Tech4Good programme, the trainees were encouraged to design solutions to solve developmental challenges facing each of their countries, and realise the value of practical application of the theory they had learned.

In the 2021 training, Huawei paid more attention to bridging the gender divide in science and technology training. 

More than one third of the total number of Seeds candidates were women. 

In Ghana, nine ICT training sessions were held in junior and senior high Schools, universities, and the society.

The programme is currently underway with Madagascar providing basic digital skills and training to more than 30 women.

The statement said governments in Sub-Saharan Africa had also shown high interest in the project. 

The South African Government has included a series of talent development initiatives, including Seeds for the Future, in its National Digital Economy Master Plan.

“The Heads of State of Uganda, Mauritius, and Malawi have highly praised Huawei’s talent development plan,” it said. 

The President of Mauritius, Roopun Prithvirajsing, said Huawei’s project would help build a national ICT talent team, strengthen youth employment capabilities, and support the National Digital Mauritius 2030 Strategic Plan.

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