I found out


I have been married for 20 years. My husband and I have three beautiful girls. His family is the type that believes a male child is more important and a must have.

So I feel terrible that I haven’t given my husband a male child. He assures me that he is okay without a male child.

My husband fell ill and critically requires a kidney transplant or he will die and I turn out to be a match. Because I loved him I decide to donate my other kidney to him.

One day in preparation to go to the hospital for surgery I was getting all paperwork sorted out.

I come across my husband’s Will and I curiously went through, to my surprise, my husband has 3 boys with another woman and he left 90% of his wealth for those boys and their mother and only leaving 10% for me and my girls. What should I do, should I still give him my kidney?

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