Immigration ladies observe anniversary with health screening


The Eastern Regional branch of Immigration Ladies Association of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has climaxed their annual anniversary celebration with medical examination activities.

About 100 ladies who participated in the 2021 celebration in Koforidua, came from various district offices of the Ghana Immigration Service in the Eastern Region.

The one-day event featured various activities like lime and spoon race, eating competition, dancing competition, indoor games, and prize giving.

The celebration was on the theme: “Building capacity and confidence through interaction and fun.”

Deputy Commissioner of Immigration (DCI) Prudence Aku Sosuh, the Eastern Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service, said the Immigration Ladies Association, (IMMILAC) invited health officials to undertake the screening.

Grace Homeopathy spearheaded the health screening on breast, sugar level, and blood pressure.

There was also education on lifestyle changes on the breast which when care is not taken could lead to getting cancer.

Briefing the Ghana News Agency about the association, the Commander said IMMILAC, established many years, was inaugurated in 2009.

She said it was affiliated with the International Association of Women in Policing, and it assesses the annual programmes of the international association, where Immigration ladies are visibly represented at such programmes and its practices.

The Immigration Ladies Association also trains the lady officers on financial management on how to prepare for their retirement to help them to be independent.

It empowers them to achieve their potentials to contribute to national development.

Prizes were given to Immigration Control Officer (ICO)Ernerstina Okyerebea who won the eating competition.

Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI) Shilla Ntiriwa, won the dancing competition, and ASI Constance Asiedu, was the winner of the lime and spoon competition.

ASI Linda Dzifa Okpattah, a participant expressed happiness about the celebration and said the education given them on breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, would help them a lot.

IMMILAC has the motto: “Hospitality, Our Concern.”

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