IYF partners GBC to promote youth development


The International Youth Fellowship – Ghana (IYF), an international youth-oriented organisation and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) have committed to promoting youth development through the dissemination of impactful content.

Consequently, the two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Accra on Thursday to formalise their partnership and provide a blueprint for their engagements.

Under the agreement, the GBC will broadcast content developed by the IYF geared towards sensitising the youth to adopt positive behaviours as well as build their capacities.

Reverend Young Jun Moon, Country Director, IYF signed the MoU on behalf of the IYF while Professor Amin Alhassan, Director General, GBC signed on behalf of the GBC.

After the signing, the IYF officially presented the “Gracias Choir Christmas Concert Movie” to GBC to be telecasted during the festive season.

Mr. David Oh, Minister for Foreign Affairs, IYF told journalists after the ceremony that the agreement formed part of measures adopted by the IYF to broaden its operations in Ghana and support the transformation of the youth.

“IYF has many contents and mindset education. Through this content we hope that our people will develop and think more about their future and awake their potential ability,” he said.

Prof. Alhassan said GBC had over the period partnered with the IYF to roll out youth-centred programmes.
He said the agreement would help to formalise their activities and explore further areas of cooperation.

“The tendency has always been for the youth to be expecting that somebody else somewhere will come and save them or the government will do something for them.

“But what we have learned with our relationship with IYF is that transforming from poverty to prosperity is one that starts with the individual mindset,” Prof. Alhassan said.

The GBC is hopeful that the agreement would help to build its own capacity as a broadcasting organisation, he said.

The IYF was established in 2001 as a worldwide youth organisation and international non-governmental organisation based on Christian principles to raise leaders with a global insight through youth education, activities, and provide realistic solutions to problems.

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