Kamaro Foundation pledges continuous support for orphans


Mrs. Adama Kamaro, Chief Executive Officer of Kamaro Foundation (KF), has pledged continuous support for orphans and the vulnerable.

Mrs Kamaro told the Ghana News Agency that issues of welfare of orphans and the vulnerable, especially children, were of paramount concern to the Foundation.

She mentioned the issues ranging from poverty, gender-based violence, illiteracy and harmful traditional practices, among others, which hindered the progress of the vulnerable while building their self-reliance, economic empowerment would leap them out of the vulnerability.

She noted that “Children are the future, hence the need to take care of them as well as empower them for greater accomplishment in that future.”

According to her, “if society does not empower children today, the ideas we live and die for will have no future.”

Ms Kamaro said: “We have taken into cognisance that empowering the orphans and vulnerable children, economically, and socially should bring about socio-equity, particularly in their communities and Ghana generally.”

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