My Dream Wedding


I will be married in November; at least that’s the plan. Since I was in Gey Hey, I have had a particular theme for my future wedding. A fairy tale, not so simple but magical overall, the invitation cards would be elegant, the venue 5 star, my wedding dress to die for.

My Dad raised me as a princess, so I have always wanted a princess styled gown on my wedding day. The type of gown with beaded-fitted bodice, and a full skirt that’s pure white and would shimmer when I move.
Bouquets of roses for the decoration and to crown it all, a magnificent reception and cake and because of this dream day, I have worked so hard to save so much.

I work with an international agency in Ghana and I am paid 100,000+ cedis a year. This will be my 3rd year with my employers. The budget for my wedding in November is 95,000 cedis.

My fiancé earns less and has a budget of 10,000. That was before I showed him my budget for the wedding. In order to be fair, I suggested he spent his budget on his suit and ring.

I will buy the type of ring I would wear which is 10,000, I am buying my wedding dress which is 19,000, bridal train 15,000, reception 50,000.I have set aside an extra 35,000 to buy my engagement stuff for him to present to my family. It will also cover the photography and video cost.

It’s my wedding and I know what I want. Guess what, he doesn’t understand why I should spend so much money on our wedding. He is suggesting we buy plots of land instead to build a home, and plan the wedding by his 10,000.

The money I have saved for my dream wedding, he wants to tell me how to better use it. Who does that? To the extent he has gone to inform his parents and our counselors to advice me.

They are all thinking I am throwing away money for just a day’s event, but this is my dream wedding.
If he wants to build, we will start saving afresh after the wedding, anaa meboa? I stay at Adjiringanor, he stays at Teshie. He wants me to move into his 2 bedroom house.

I am renting a 4 bedroom house in a better neighborhood.
Moving to work from my place is easiest for him but no, chairman wants me to be an obedient wife who only does what he says. Is this not a sign of controlling behavior? My guy is a great man by all means, but his sudden behavior is making me uncomfortable.

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