Senyo Hosi urges Ghana Association of Writers to use technology to promote Ghanaian literature


CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Association (CBOD), Senyo Hosi has implored Ghanaian writers to make use of technology and contemporary media to promote indigenous literature.

The businessman delivered the keynote speech at the 5th Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) Literary Awards ceremony, held at the Omanye Aba Hall, A.M.A auditorium, in Accra.
For him, the quality of Ghanaian literature has not only fallen over the years but has also failed to reach the same international acclaim as those attained by Ama Attah-Aidoo and other notable Ghanaian writers.

“We seem to have lost sight of the essence of writing, and it seems we are not doing it well enough; we are not promoting it enough, and as a result, we are not celebrating it enough,” Mr. Hosi said.
“We have failed to optimize technology and contemporary media, thereby being less visible, and we also lack a concerted and structured effort to promote our works as a collective.”
The CBOD CEO therefore encouraged the use of new media, and urged the Ghana Association of Writers to make the most of modern tools to review, publish and promote Ghanaian literature.
“We should nurture the skills and culture of taking our work to the world, leveraging social media and driving visual and audio-visual pieces,” he said.
“GAW should set up an online publishing firm, reviewing literary works, publishing them and liaising with various international platforms to promote Ghanaian literature. The lower cost of online operations provides a perfect opportunity for GAW to leverage its brand into a powerhouse.”
Additionally, Mr. Hosi proposed that GAW institutes “a seal of quality just like the “New York Times’ bestseller list accompanied by a thorough review of works that assures quality.”

The 5th Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) Literary Awards ceremony, themed “Empowering Ghanaians through reading,” was celebrated with music and poetry from prominent acts from across the country, including a piece concerning racial profiling and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, authored and delivered by the CBOD CEO himself.

Also on the night, eight prizes were awarded across 12 categories – Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Children’s Story Book, Creative Non-Fiction, Spoken Word (Audio/Video), Ghanaian Language Special Award, and Science and Mathematics Special Writers Award.
Ten other awards were conferred on three members of GAW in the Distinguished Awards category and seven people in the Achievements Category.

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