Sex in my dreams


When I was young, I loved the things of God even though I was in the world drinking, smoking and sex. I started having sex in my dream which resulted in sickness.

My family tried everything possible to take me to a traditional priest but I was always having the fear to go.

 I will always tell them to take me to church but the sickness continued. It came to a time I had to hide myself in church doing the work of God because I find delight in it. After so many years in the church, everything started turning down for me, my work, my health, etc.

I had to move from that town to another town and the hardship and pains I’m going through cannot be described. I will start praying and this spirit will come and sleep with me and leave me with sickness.

Recently, I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I allowed my sister and mother to take my picture to a traditional priest and he said a river god gave me to my mum and that’s why he’s tormenting me so I have to do the necessary things before I gain my freedom.

 I’m about to give in because being in the house of God for so many years without seeing any change but rather suffering upon suffering has made me have a second thought.

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