Thinking it through


I’m drowning in tears as I type. I have been in a relationship for the past 5 years with a kind and selfless man.

I have been faithful and so has he, until we had a serious misunderstanding a month ago that led to a breakup. The very day he suggested that we break up because he felt I wasn’t reliable and attentive to him like he is to me, I visited him and reasoned with him to call off the breakup.

He said he needed to guard his heart against expecting too much from me and for that matter, he wanted space to determine if he should make himself vulnerable to me again.

Fast forward, last week I asked if he had made up his mind. Then he confessed to having sex with a lady during the period he asked for space. He claims ”it just happened” and that there was no relationship whatsoever between them.

How do I recover from this betrayal? Is this considered cheating since he said he needed space?
I can’t imagine getting intimate with him after this experience.

So What do I do please? I’m 25 and this is the only man I have ever been with. I feel he has cheated in this instance, am I right to think that way?

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