Top five 2021 Volta Fair attractions


The Fifth Volta Trade and Investment Fair just survived the hype by being bigger and better, and as the curtains go drop, here is a compilation of the top five attractions of the event.

The fair retained the microcosmic feel of the region’s industrial structure and featured indigenous manufacturing industries in the construction hardware, furniture, kitchenware, cosmetics, and food sectors.

Processed foods seemed to dominate the square, and representatives from the Region managed their ground, amidst hordes from other regions.

A humble mushroom processing company from Peki, tucked away at the back stands sold all 1,500 portable growing packages prepared for the event.

Most real estate companies in the Region were also represented, and unlike before, at least two major local woodworking firms delivered an impressive display of contemporary furniture design.

Ask anyone on the streets and be told the food bazaar lined up all behind the exhibitors, was the number one highlight of the event, making the evenings the best part of the show, and providing nightlife not common in the area.

But let’s see which stands actually got the stares and the visits.
Adonai Volta Golf Club, Mini golf pitch of an upcoming residential area near the Ho Airport, Adonai Estates, is among favorites of the trade fair show, and clearly stole it when Mr. Ken Ofori Attah, Finance Minister, passed through with a sure hole in one to affirm the relationship between money and the sport.

With little or no golf facilities in the Region, most visitors took the opportunity to close grips on a stick and mimic the swings.
The estate company, with properties spread across the Region, is developing a befitting golf course at its Airport Golf City in Ho.

Local coffee brand Ziavitutui has become the front of the production hub in the valleys of the Ho districts, and a lots of visitors were drawn to the stand of the brewer, which had a coffee-making machine filling the surrounding air with the peculiar piercing aroma.

The brand is named after its place of origin, Ziavi, which is a major coffee-growing town in the Ho Municipality. On display were varieties of coffee products, raw and roasted beans, as well as some tree seedlings for those that never beheld.

HTU’s Mechanical Engineering Faculty
A small gallery of machinery designed and built by the Mechanical, Agriculture, and Electrical Engineering Department of the Ho Technical University’s Faculty of Engineering, got everyone stopping to enquire, and also caught stand attendants sweating it off the whole day, satisfying curiosities.

With some innovative tech for the agro and engineering industries, the Technical University seemed to secure more repute at the venue. Student groups often would crowd the mechatronic displays, among which were fully functional excavators made from cardboards. Other faculties, including food and arts, also featured, soothing tongues and eyes with crafty works.

Car park
This section made the most sales at the fair in monetary value. Japan Motors shared the space with the rising new Chinese brand, Jetour, which got people attracted to its SUV that borrowed heavily from neo-age Europe and American designs. A couple of money-sure individuals actually opened doors to inspect, with the intention to buy, probably. But in the end, at least two cars drove off, paid for right there at the fair by some people who have the money.

Ghana brand ambassador of the Company told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that it considered the Region a key entry point and was impressed with the reception at the fair.

Snake Stand
If you really came to experience, sure the highest of the highs would do, and nothing is more facing than coming up-close with a sizable serpent, the presumed mother of all corruption.

People keep fair distance as they watch a snake breeder from the Afadzato South District manage the slithering beings out of their cages and over his shoulders, and although the ages wearied on, trust between humankind and the slender cunning hisser never seem to improve. Yet it is the highlight of the show, and on its own, drew people to the venue.

It is the work of Safui Gado, who developed a snake village at Liati Soba, and which has become a major tourist pull. The breeder currently has pythons, cobras, mambas, rattlesnakes and boa constrictors.

As the fair neared its end, patronage rose sharply, and one would observe community car parks empty in the evenings, all pouring into the stadium where their favorite pubs and hangouts have all gone.

A success would be an understatement; the fair was good. The arena would look empty, save the stands, most of the afternoon, yet the exhibitors stood, soaking the heat in the spirit of trade development.

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