Traders in Koforidua express worry over sluggish sales


Traders in the central business of Koforidua have expressed worry over the sluggish sale of goods leading to a loss in profit margins.

As Christmas draws closer, many marketers expect a boom in trading activities, but the situation seems different as many of them complain of “bad market.”

Mr. Kofi Appau, a boutique operator, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the inclination of the public to purchase has diminished, largely due to “no money in the system” resulting in loss of income.

He said because he had invested heavily into garments in anticipation of getting high patronage during this Christmas season but things have turned out differently.

Mr. Razak Banda, a shoe seller, said he recorded high sales was at the beginning of the year; January – August, but started experiencing low patronage in the last quarter of the year.

However, he was optimistic that trading activities would pick up during the Christmas holidays to make up for the losses.

The market situation with hairdressers looked good as dealers of hair and body cream products recorded moderate sales despite general inactivity.

Mrs. Helina Aboagyewaa, a Hairdresser, reported getting customers to braid their hair with different styles like a French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braided bun, and spiral lace braid.

She reminded the public to keep observing the COVID-19 protocols before, during, and after the Xmas season by keeping to wearing a nose mask, washing hands with soap under running water, avoiding handshakes, and getting vaccinated.

Some public and private sector workers said they were not prepared for shopping because they had not received their salaries while others were waiting for discounted sales.

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