We need critical thinking from leaders to fix youth unemployment


Mr. Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity, a Human rights Non-Governmental Organisation has called for critical thinking from the leadership of the country to fix youth unemployment.

“Youth unemployment has become a time bomb tied around the neck of our beloved country, only waiting to explode. We have become scared and frightened into submission without applying pragmatic steps to free us from the impending catastrophe”.

Mr. Mba who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday on job creation said the country had had modules and many academic attempts to rectify the seemingly impossible task, all to no avail and politicians failed to walk the talk.

“Often we have heard from all political divide in grandiose eloquent language about how to tackle this problem immediately they come to power, but when the efforts are measured, the scales tilt to failure.

We are blessed with both natural and human resources and it is only reasonable that we’re capable of generating wealth and power, instead of rhetorical display of Shakespearen oratory. How many settlement farms do we have in the sixteen regions”?

Mr. Mba said investments in animal husbandry throughout favourable climatic zones in the country was another way of creating jobs for the youth.

He said; The Israelis are more than willing to help with kibbutz system of creating virtually an independent community lifestyle with technology and industry. All past governments will quote statistics to justify their efforts, but the reality is how many Ghanaians can attest to such as evidence in their lives.

He said Planning should be useful and meaningful rather than political propaganda as there was no single household without an unemployed youth with various types of professional qualifications.

“We have become complacent about this crucial issue, making it a propaganda issue to be contested by power seekers without a deep committed passion to a remedy.

“Resources are naturally and evenly distributed throughout the country and it’s only a dedicated and practical results leadership that can map out the direction of wealth management to ease the time bomb on our necks.

Mr. Mba said International investors were willing and prepared to come into partnership for the purposes of wealth creation and management and called on leadership to stop playing the ostrich approach attitude.

“Let the students understand that not all the professions they learn in school can be practised in offices as most of them are practically-oriented.”

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